Generation Progress

“[PT] switches between emotions — revealing how one can walk and fall at the same time.”
~New WORLD Theater, UMASS @ Amherst

Generation Progress is PT’s Arts & Education program designed to engage, support and inspire young people to contribute to the progress of their communities. Targeting students from grade through high school to College and University, PT strives to develop a new generation of theatre-goers. Through affordable theatre classes, discounted school performances, post-show talkbacks, arts workshops and performance opportunities, Generation PT introduces theatre as a powerful tool for self-expression and social involvement. For more information about Generation PT and/or to book any of the programs below, contact PT.

(for youth at all levels of experience)

Workshops-In-Progress is a series dedicated to offering affordable performing arts classes in acting, singing/music, writing and collaboration that are tailored to support and engage the diverse experience levels of K-12 students. PT’s Artist-Educators consult with classroom teachers before each workshop to customized an experience that leaves students with a self-generated piece of theatre. Workshops are available for independent school bookings or in conjunction with booked performances in tour cities. Offerings include:

  • First Generation (Elementary Schools) : K-5 students open a magic box to explore the power of their own stories. Using theatre games, movement, song, and storytelling, students will experience their world in bold new colors. 1st Generation workshops focus on building skills in listening, confidence, cooperation, and physical and vocal expression.
  • Second Generation (Middle Schools) : Blending theatre with elements of Hip Hop, students use rhythm (the beat), writing (poetry/MCing) and movement (B-girl/boy) to explore how sharing ideas across different styles builds collaborative storytelling. 2nd Generation workshops cultivate creativity via original scenes about daily life or current events.
  • Third Generation (High Schools) : How do emotion and empathy create meaningful art? 3rd Generation workshops approach acting, music and writing through the spectrum of “Emotional Availability” (joy, fear, anger, sadness, love, etc.), empowering student voices to devise works that creatively explore themes of identity, community and diversity.
    (for instructors, actors, generative artists, university classes and professional ensembles)

    SoulWork is the philosophy and performance-building technique used in crafting PT productions. It is a comprehensive methodology of acting, directing, playwriting, music-making, script analysis and ensemble-building developed from African American performance traditions, techniques and aesthetics. SoulWork creator, Cristal Chanelle Truscott, has been teaching and training artists in SoulWork via master classes, workshops and courses in university, professional, arts-based and international settings for over 15 years, offering this technique as a timely, necessary and useful tool for actors, artists and ensembles devising their own work and for those seeking to dynamically, creatively engage and mount the work of fellow artists. See our SoulWork Workshops page to learn more about PT’s professional artist workshop series.

    (for colleges/universities, artists, communities and events)

    Interactive lectures and presentations on various aspects of historical and contemporary theatre and performance are also available for collegiate and adult audiences. Sample topics include: Hip Hop Theater, 19th-20th Century African American Theatre, Multicultural Theater: Stereotypes and Performance, Spiritual Diversity in Black Performance, and Arts, Faith & Activism.